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Magnet Science Fun for Kids

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It is day 4 in the 5 days of science fun series.
Today’s focus is on magnet science.

We tried a fun & simple experiment with pipe cleaners in a plastic bottle. You just cut the pipe cleaners into small pieces and put them inside an empty bottle. Then use a magnet to attract and move the pipe cleaners around in the bottle. My kids thought it was pretty cool. They also experimented a little by adding in other small magnetic objects making it react differently.

Now for even more magnet fun….
A Toddler a Box and a Magnet from Inspiration Laboratories
Preschool Magnet Science from Creekside Learning
Magnetic Flower Garden from Preschool Powol Packets
Magnet Paintings from Training Happy Hearts
Fun With Magnets from Navigating by Joy

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love karyn


  1. Love how easy this idea is! What fun!

  2. I wanted to do the pipe cleaners when we did our magnet day but we couldn’t squeeze it in. It looks great fun!

  3. Martianne says:

    What an honor to be spotlighted here. Thank you. And thank you even more for the cool magnet and pipe cleaner idea. I love it and am re-sharing it on my THH FB page.

  4. What a great series, Karyn! Pinning and sharing as part of my (delayed) KBN Shout out :)

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