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Meaningful Christmas Traditions

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Christmas is my favorite time of year!  We like to have a wonderful month full of celebrating the birth of our Savior.  There are so many fun ways to fill your home with Christmas traditions.  We love to bake, do crafts, read Christmas stories, do a daily advent, drive to look at lights, visit family, make presents for each other, and just focus the whole month on this wonderful holiday.  The kids always remember the fun things we do and ask to repeat them the following year.  I love creating meaningful traditions for my family!  I hope you are enjoying this wonderful time of year with yours.

This year, along with our advent, I wrapped up all of our Christmas picture books and numbered them 1-24. I have a big Santa bag that I put all of the books in.  Each day, they read our advent scripture and get a little candy.  Then they open the picture book for the day.  They have really been loving it!  It also forces me to remember to read all of these wonderful stories to my kids.

Here are links to some of the other fun Christmas traditions we have started in our family.
love karyn


  1. I love the book idea, what a great way to make each day special!

  2. Cute idea! I’m checking out your homemade blog post next.

  3. I have a lot of Christmas books — we may try this next year!

  4. Marcy Crabtree says:

    we did the one wrapped book a day when Ben was younger. he doesn’t want to do it any more, but I miss it! lots of great ideas here!

  5. I LOVE this idea! Also, I’m loving just looking through your beautiful blog!

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