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Purposeful Toddler Play

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Today’s guest post is from Kimberly who blogs over at Natural Beach Living. She is sharing tips on Purposeful Toddler Play. I am so very grateful for her post today as I am actually in the hospital having a baby today!  She has such a lovely site. Be sure to stop by and pay her a visit.
I am so thankful to be here with you all today. Karyn has been such an inspiration to me over the past couple of years and I hope in return I can be that for you all today as well.
One of the many things I am passionate about is purposeful playtime with children. At the earliest stages in life babies are growing, changing, and learning at a super speed. So why not maximize their potential by guiding them in a fun way.
 Today while my daughter took her nap, I set up a special rainbow play area in the middle of our schooling room. I choose one of our favorite books on colors, a couple of her favorite dolls, a rainbow streamer, and a rainbow stacker. As you can see, you can easily pick out a few things that you have already and use a theme to set up an area that looks inviting for a child’s eyes.
This went over so well. Ms Bell and I spent an hour teaching her dolly’s the colors(wink, wink). Stacking up the rainbows in different ways. Hiding the pieces under the chair and under her playsilk, reading her color books, and just enjoying ourselves. All while learning and working on so many different skills that toddlers need. With purposeful play children are learning to share, develop better language skills, and they are also working on dexterity by holding and maneuvering their toys. Play truly is the best foundation to prepare children in early childhood for success in the future.
You are your child’s first playmate, make it fun, make it purposeful.
Hi, I’m Kimberly, and I am blessed to be the mother of 4 wonderful  boys, and 1 sweet little girl. I have been married for 20 years, life hasn’t always been easy, each day brings new challenges, new joy’s, and new learning experiences. I’ve learned over the years what’s TRULY important to me and I try not to sweat the little things. I love to read, walk on the beach, and I find everything natural, beautiful. You can find me blogging about our homeschool journey, activities for kids, natural living , and so much more at
love karyn


  1. What a fantastic post! Congratulations to Karyn! I strive to be purposeful in all our play. Sometimes my oldest is onto my trucks and says “mom, not right now!”

  2. Purposeful play is so important! Children can learn so much when we get down to their level and play with them. Thank you for sharing this Kimberly!

    Karyn, congratulations on that new baby!!!

  3. aww that’s such a lovely post, and you with a new baby too! Congratulations! x

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