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Rachel and the TreeSchoolers

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Have you ever heard of the shows called Signing Time by Two Little Hands Productions?  They teach sign language to babies and young children through fun shows.  Well, the same people who produced Signing Time have also made a fabulous educational show called Rachel and the TreeSchoolers.
(I received these products for free in exchange for an honest review.) 

Rachel and the TreeSchoolers Review

Rachel Coleman, the star of the show, was Emmy Nominated for her Signing Time movies and has done an incredible job with Rachel and the TreeSchoolers, too!  We received episodes 1-3 to review on my site and I have to say that I have been really impressed with the quality of her work.  These shows are wonderful. They are fun to watch, but they are also highly educational. The shows have been called “TOO EDUCATIONAL” for TV and were rejected by TV executives. Because of this Rachel has worked hard to get her show funded.  Most of the funding has come from parents who want to see it happen.

In the TreeSchoolers movie, Rachel is a preschool teacher teaching about different topics. She sings these wonderful songs throughout the show to teach different concepts. The show has live people and animation in it. The animated characters are cute little animals and insects.  It is kind of like Mr Rogers, School House Rock and Sesame Street all rolled into one!

The shows are based on the CORI (Concept Oriented Reading Instruction) learning cycle:

1. Observe and Wonder

2. Search for Answers

3. Learn and Know

4. Share with Others

Rachel and the TreeSchoolers


The three movies we received were Episode 1: A Rainy Day, Episode 2: Plants and Flowers, and Episode 3: Incredible Insects.  Each DVD included a music CD as well. The shows are aimed at preparing preschool aged kids for Kindergarten by teaching them basics of education (colors, shapes, counting), but also concepts such as feelings, kindness, sharing, hard work, and teamwork. It teaches children how to learn through songs, stories, dance and signs. They encourage the kids to get up and move while watching. Kids love these movies. While they are aimed at preschool aged kids (ages 2-6), my older ones really enjoyed them as well.

Since we got these, I have not been able to get the songs out of my head for about 2 months now!  My kids have watched the movies over and over and over. They also come with music CD’s so the kids can listen to the songs.  The CD’s have been playing constantly in our house. The songs are catchy, fun and educational. I find myself and the kids singing them all the time. We are really loving them!


If you go to their website, you can get a free activity download to go along with each of the episodes. This can help you expand the learning with your little ones and include flashcards, games and activities. If you teach preschool, these movies and activities would be a valuable resource!

Right now there are only three of the TreeSchoolers episodes available for purchase, however they were just successfully funded through Kickstarter to make the next set of episodes. In 30 days they raised $218,000 to help make 6 more episodes! The next three are scheduled to be released sometime this year. I am so happy that they will be making more. These shows are really wonderful!


Here is a clip from the Incredible Insects episode:


And now a clip from the Plants and Flowers episode:


The DVD’s currently sell for $24.99 each, or you can get the set of three for $64.99.  You can purchase the songs individually on Amazon.  The prices may seem a little high, but if you consider that you a re getting a DVD and a music CD, plus an incredible educational experience, I definitely feel like the price is worth it!

love karyn


  1. Sounds like a great product to help get children ready for school. Thanks for sharing!

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