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Stained Glass Fall Leaf Art

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It’s Fall! The weather is turning a little cooler and the leaves are changing colors in our neck of the woods. We are enjoying this beautiful season and have decided to create some fall masterpieces to show it!  We made some stained glass painted fall leaves. Art projects are an all time favorite of my little girl, so she is always begging to do more. This was a project she loved!
These are fun and easy to make. If you have never made any stained glass art, you will first need to make the black glue. You do this by adding paint to a bottle of school glue. The bottle will need to be partially used to allow room for the paint. I think mine was about 1/3 of the way gone. I poured black tempera paint into the bottle and mixed it with a popsicle stick.
Once you have your glue all mixed, draw pictures with it on your paper. We did it free hand, but you could print patterns if you would like them to be more exact.

Once all of the glue patterns have dried, paint them with watercolors between the lines.   We had fun mixing lots of colors to make varying colors of leaves.

She was so excited to help hang them all in the window and pose for the blog!
(At least I have one willing participant.)
love karyn

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