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Alpha-Phonics {Reading Curriculum Review & Giveaway}

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Alpha-Phonics is a company specializing in phonics, reading, grammar and writing instruction for beginning readers through the 7th grade.  They also offer grammar instruction on the high-school level. The company has been around for more than 29 years.

We received a complete reading curriculum to teach young children to read for review here on my site. What we received: Alpha-Phonics: a Primer for Beginning Readers by Samuel L. Blumenfield (this includes the teacher’s manual and lesson plans), Alpha-Phonics and How to Tutor: Phonics Companion Workbook, and 10 Alpha-Phonics Little Reader Companion Books.

Little Readers are $24.95
When I received this and looked through the curriculum, I was very impressed with the quality and simplicity of it all. The lessons are easy to follow and brief, which is just what is needed for a beginning reader. The teacher manual is split into 2 parts- the first part has the section that you read with your child, the second half of the book has the suggested lesson plans to follow with your child. The pages are 2 different colors making it really easy to distinguish between the two parts.
In my opinion, the lessons jump right into reading expecting your child to already know the letter sounds. So, if your child is not confident in the letter sounds, you will want to wait to use it until they are. The very first lessons teaches beginning reading by putting two sounds together. They are reading words like am, an, as, at and ax in the first lesson. It starts with the short a vowel sound and then progresses through the other vowels.
The workbook has pages for them to write in with fill in the blank vowels, choosing the correct word to fill in the blank, making words plural, learning spelling rules, and more. The little readers are great companions to the lessons and start out simple progressing in difficulty as the lessons do. They are similar to other early readers and are fun for the kids to read.
I used this curriculum mostly in the summer with my daughter who started first grade this year. It was a perfect program for her and was at just the right level. Se enjoyed working on the lessons together. I liked seeing how it gradually increased her abilities and gave her confidence in her reading.
This is a great, solid curriculum for beginning readers. The price is very fair, too!
If you would like a chance to win a set of this curriculum, please enter the form below!  


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  1. I would love to win this to use with my daughter, mainly, son too. My daughter was born with cataracts in both eyes, and even after many surgeries, is still struggling. Her vision has kept her back in school. She attended kindergarten 2 years, and is now in 1st grade, but is still struggling to keep up with the class.

  2. I am currently homeschooling my 12 y/o (7th grade), and I have a 2.5 year old. She seems to like learning, she can identify the beginning magnetic letters (off the fridge) for her own name, her brother’s name, and her father and I. I enjoy new curriculum, and also noted where they have curriculum for older kids, too!

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