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Blueprints and Architecture for Kids Inspired by Frank Lloyd Wright

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Today I am sharing some blueprints and architecture teaching ideas for kids. This is inspired by Frank Lloyd Wright whose birthday is in June.

blueprints and architecture for kids

I used to teach Interior Design classes at a high school and one of my favorite parts of that class was the dream house project we did. I taught the students how to create a basic house blueprint and then we also designed it by choosing paint colors, furniture photos, and other design elements they were interested in using. I LOVE creative projects and when I was in school, projects like this were my favorite. (I bet you are not surprised by that!) 😉

Dream house architecture & blueprint project

My daughter is getting interested in design recently, so I thought it would be a blast to do this dream house project with her, too. I created a printable blueprint set to use for this project and we are having fun with it.

printable blueprint for kids

This printable set includes several different house blueprints and individual room templates for kids to build their own houses.

teaching blueprints to kids- frank lloyd wright

My younger son used a pre-made blueprint house template and designed his house that way. My daughter loved creating her own with the individual rooms.


We have discovered some great Architecture Books for kids. Check them out!

Architecture Books for Kids

Frank Lloyd Wright for Kids: His Life and Ideas, 21 Activities for Kids by Kathleen Thorne-Thomsen

Iggy Peck Architect by Andrea Beaty

Famous Buildings of Frank Lloyd Wright (Dover Coloring Book)

Future Architect’s Handbook by Barbara Beck

The Aspiring Architect: An Activity Book for Kids by Travis Kelly Wilson

Who Was Frank Lloyd Wright? by Ellen Labrecque

Archidoodle: The Architect’s Activity Book by Steve Bowkett

Draw 50 Buildings and Other Structures by Lee Ames

Cool Architecture by Simon Armstrong

13 Architects Children Should Know by Florian Heine

The Story of Buildings: From the Pyramids to the Sydney Opera House by Patrick Dillon

Home Quick Planner: Reusable Peel & Stick Furniture & Architectural Symbols by Daniel K, Reif

Doodle Design & Draw Dream Rooms by Ellen Christiansen Kraft


More Cool Tools to Teach About Architecture:

architect house plan template

House Plan Template

young architect building kit

Scientific Explorer Young Architect Building Kids

young architect city planner kit

Scientific Explorer Young Architect City Planner Set

beginner architect kit

Beginner’s Drawing Architect Kit


ALSO: Check out my Architecture STEM  project where we built an Area & Perimeter City.


This is part of the Famous Birthday Series.  See more famous birthday posts at the iHomeschool Network!



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