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Brave Girls Bible Stories ~ Book Review & Giveaway

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Being a BRAVE GIRL is all the rage these days. In the new movies coming out the girls are getting stronger, braver and more independent. There have always been brave girls, though. This month as a part of the Tommy Mommy blogging program we got a great new book (for free to review) called Brave Girls Bible Stories: Celebrating Great Women of the Bible by Jennifer Gerelds. This book in the woods of my own brave little girls is A-Mazing! She adores it and I do, too. The Brave Girls Bible Stories is about how girls can be brave here and now by learning about the stories of brave women from the Bible.

Brave Girls Bible Stories #Giveaway

There are 5 Brave modern-day Girls (Hope, Gracie, Glory, Faith, and Honor) featured in this book who share their favorite stories of 30 of the brave women they love most from the Bible. These girls are every day girls with regular challenges who are not really sure they are brave. They are each different, but they love Jesus and they are good friends who can also relate to the readers. Through the stories in this book, these girls (as well as the readers) learn lessons about faith, God’s plan for them, and that God loves them despite their mistakes. It will help them grow in confidence and strengthen their own testimonies.



These new Brave Girls from Tommy Mommy are actually a new brand. There are other books featuring them as well including devotionals and a full Bible. They are pretty special, and reading them with my daughter makes both of us feel special and Brave!

As a part of this campaign we also received a darling Brave Girl shirt that my daughter wears proudly all the time!  Brave Girls

This video describes the book perfectly and will help you understand even more just what it is all about.

The book is hardcover with 224 full-color illustrated pages. It sells for $16.99 but is on sale right now for just $13.59.

Enter to win a copy of the book for the Brave Girl in your life!

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