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Color Mixing

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As I was buying paint (in bulk, of course) for back to school, i had the idea that I would only buy primary colors, plus black, white, and brown…and teach my kids how to make their own colors. Let’s say you have a certain 3 year old daughter who LOVES pink. Well now mine knows that you just add a drop of red to her white to make that princess worthy color.

Here is how we learned about color mixing:

Save six old milk jugs and fill them with water.  Add a few drops of food coloring (primary colors) to three of them. In the other three, make the secondary colors- green orange & purple.

Then we set to work with our paints, creating our own colors. They had a blast! We even made up a little song (something my mom was always famous for) out of no tune in particular, to remember that we learned…”yellow and red make orange, yellow and blue make green…red and blue make p..p..p..purple!…”

Then we played ROLL A RAINBOW. Go to the website for a free download! Thanks Share and Remember!

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