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Dice Off: A Spanish Board Game for Kids

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Learning with board games is one of our favorites around here. That’s why I was excited to get a chance to try out this Spanish board game with my kids called Dice Off. Dice Off was created by Foreign Languages for Kids, a Spanish curriculum site that we have used and love!  You can see my past review on it here. Dice Off was the winner of the 2013 GAME OF THE YEAR AWARD by Creative Child Magazine, so you know it’s a good one!

This is a sponsored post in behalf of Foreign Language for Kids. I received free product and am being compensated for my time writing this post. All thoughts are mine alone.  

Spanish Board Game for Kids: Dice Off

The Spanish board game, Dice Off helps kids practice the vocabulary they are learning through the program, but can also be used by any Spanish learners. You can play it in a classroom setting or at home as practice. It is designed for 4 players, but could easily be adapted to play in a group with teams.

About Dice Off: A Spanish Board Game for Kids

The whole Foreign Language for Kids lesson set-up is a travel plan. The kids take a flight to a foreign country to learn Spanish. This game is set up in a similar fashion with the different game boards being called Flight Manuals. There are four different flight manuals and each one has a different set of vocabulary. Within each flight manual there are two zones and each zone has 6 vocabulary terms or phrases with pictures. You choose one zone to play per game.

Spanish game flight manual

The goal of the game is to cover the six vocabulary phrases with the accompanying cards. In the flight manual. You do this by rolling the colored dice and acting out the phrase that you roll. If the others guess it correctly, you get to cover your square. There are other fun obstacles that come along with the Gotcha cards and the Faker-Mistaker cards, too!

gotcha & faker-mistaker cards- spanish board game

You can play the Dice Off game at four different levels. So if you have learners at different levels, you can choose how hard or easy the game will be. Or, as their learning advances, you can advance the level. Overall the game teaches 48 verbs and descriptive words.

 What We Thought of Dice Off:

This was our first Spanish board game and we were very pleasantly surprised by how much fun Dice Off was! My oldest (12-year-old son) was grumbling a bit that he had to play a game for little kids, but he really enjoyed it! He even learned a few things.

dice off spanish board game

I love how the game combines various sensory aspects into it. The kids have to say, read and act out the vocabulary they are learning. This causes them to really think it through and have to understand what the words mean. And you are learning pronunciation at the same time! We love the acting out part and had some laughs over that!

Since learning a foreign language can get difficult, it is so nice to have such a fun resource available to use to make it more engaging. You probably know from spending any time on my site, that we enjoy learning with games and hands-on activities. This is a perfect fir for our learning styles and preferences. Our family gives it a big THUMBS Up!

If you are in the market for Spanish learning ideas, definitely stop by the Foreign Languages for Kids website to see the other great things the offer!

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  1. Thanks for the review! We have not done any type of foreign language yet. Would this game be a good introduction or is it better to play once you have already started a program? Thanks!

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