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 I have always struggled with doing quality art projects with my kids on a regular basis.  This year we started using the Home Art Studio by Lindsey Volin.  She is a certified art teacher and has taught in private and public schools. The art curriculum comes in a DVD format (for grades K-5) with Ms. Volin teaching the class. The disc also includes a PDF with all of the instructions, needed supplies, and vocabulary taught.  This is a perfect way for us to do art… all we have to do is have the supplies on hand (which you can also purchase through her site) and let her do the teaching. The lessons incorporate all different mediums of art and it’s been so much fun!

We started with the Kindergarten level this year. My son and daughter have both been doing the projects- I am often joining in with them because they are too much fun to just watch!  I  have been so impressed with Ms. Volin and her high quality art projects, as well as her fun style of teaching.  I love the way she encourages the kids to use their own style and not worry if things look just like hers.  My daughter just LOVES art time.  The lessons are meant to be done about once a week, but she begs to do them a lot more often.  It has now become her favorite part of school!  I am so grateful to have such a fun and easy way to do art with my kids.

Here are a couple of the projects we have learned with Home Art Studio:

Something fun she does on her website is that she has a place to upload your children’s art projects.  Then she will comment on them.  My kids thought this was so cool.  My daughter go so excited to see the comments from her teacher on her art projects!
The price for the DVD’s is very reasonable, too.  It is just $29.99 for each grade level.  They are currently on sale for $24.99.  You can also buy all of the art supplies needed right there on her site- for Kindergarten it is about $65.  For under $100 you can have all of the supplies and curriculum for the year. That’s really not a bad deal!
If you want to watch some free sample lessons, go to her site & check them out.  She has a few of the lessons from different grade levels for you to watch and try out.
Disclaimer:  I received this product for free in exchange for an honest review.  All opinions are my own and I was not compensated in any other way.

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