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How to Make a Homemade Window Bird Feeder

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We love bird watching in our backyard. We have a couple of different bird feeders in our yard, but I have always wanted a window bird feeder. You know, one of the ones that hangs on your window so we can see them up close? They are so awesome to watch!

This past week we made a homemade hanging feeder, and it was so easy! No woodworking required, thanks goodness! (That isn’t my strength. I’ll take duct tape and card board over wood any day!)

Learn how to make one so you can watch the birds in your yard from the comfort of your home!

Homemade Window Bird Feeder from Teach Beside Me

Supplies for the Homemade Bird Feeder:

Half gallon milk jug

Command Hook or strong suction cup


Tape to decorate

Bird seed

To make our DIY window bird feeder, I used an empty half-gallon milk carton that had been cleaned out. Then I cut a large rectangle out of two of the opposite sides with a razor blade to make it see through.

homemade milk jug bird feeder

Because I like pretty things, I decorated our bird feeder with different striped colors of duct tape and washi tape. You can decorate it however you want. It would be great to let your kids help if they want.

homemade bird feeder

To hang the bird feeder, I used a command hook and twine. I cut one small hole through the top of the jug and threaded it through the pour spout. You could also hang it with a suction cup and string. Place it in a window where you will have unobstructed viewing.

Hanging the window bird feeder

Hang it up in a clean window and fill the tray with bird seed. It usually takes a few days for birds to find a new feeder, so be patient! It’s best if your window has an overhanging roof, too. This will keep the feeder dry and clean.

We just hung it up yesterday, so we haven’t seen any of our backyard birds visit it yet. I will try to snap a picture when we do see a bird eating, though! Right now, here is our view of the bird feeder. (Isn’t our mountain the best?!)


We have had lots of visitors! We have seen finches and other small birds, bluebirds, and a few other types of birds that my kids could not identify.  Sometimes we get some larger bird species, but this perch is not the biggest, so they don’t stick around.

What we have learned after having it up for a while is that birds are very shy! Make sure your bird feeder is in a place where they will feel safe to come and visit. There should not be very much noise or movement if you want them to visit!

Different birds like different kinds of seeds, so depending on the kind of food you put in, you will get different visitors. Try different seed variations, or even some suet.

Also, since this is made of tape and cardboard, it is not going to be as durable as a wooden or plastic one. We have ours hanging in a place with a bit of an overhang from the roof to shelter it from weather. It did last a long time before we retired it, though!

My kids learned how to slowly and quietly approach the window when they saw a bird eating at the feeder so they would be able to watch it eat.

homemade Window Bird Feeder

Our bird feeders always have squirrels that visit, too. They do leave a bit of a mess behind, so be prepared to clean up after them if it is hanging in an area near a patio.

What I love about this project is it is easy to put together. Kids can help decorate it and fill it with bird feed. You do not need to nail anything or drill holes into anything! Kids love it and birds love it, too! This project really piqued my children’s curiosity.  They are turning into little bird watchers and learning many different species of birds.

If you make your own window bird feeder, I would love to see your pictures as well!

If you want the best window bird feeders to buy, check out this one. We have had this one for years and LOVE it!  It has really strong suction cups, a removable tray and drain holes for when it rains. We have it in our kitchen and have a great view of the birds all season long!

You’ll love watching all of the visitors outside of your windows.

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