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Kite Themed Preschool Math

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Preschoolers love to do counting activities.  This kite themed preschool math activity is lots of fun for little ones learning to count!  They get to add the tails to the kites and count the number of beads to match the number on the kite. This would go great with a letter K preschool theme!

Preschool Math- Kite Counting

This simple activity can be put together quickly and easily with few supplies. That’s always a good thing.

Supplies For Kite Themed Preschool Math

kite themed preschool math

Print out of Kite Numbers
Pipe Cleaners
Pony Beads
Hole Punch
Laminator (optional, but recommended)

Print the kites on card stock. They are available in color and in black and white.  Cut out the kite cards and hole punch them where the white circles are.  This one definitely will work better if it is laminated.

Cut the pipe cleaners in half. You do not need a full one for this. Put a section of the pipe cleaner through the hole and twist it around to keep it in place. Now they are ready to add beads.

Give your kids assistance as needed, but let them do it as much as they can on their own. My daughter knows smaller numbers well, but is still learning to recognize and count to the higher numbers. She needed a little help once she got past five to make sure she had the right amount on her kite strings.

Pair this kite themed math activity with a kite book!  Here are two we have enjoyed:

kite day book for kids

Kite Day: A Bear and Mole Story by Will Hillenbrand

stuck- kite book for kids
Stuck by Oliver Jeffers

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kite math for preschool

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  1. Great ideas! I’d like to use some for my Early Literacy projects at the library where I work. However, I don’t want to install anything in order to get the printable. Can it be e-mailed or include a different link for a direct download. Thank you!

  2. Hi! I suscribed to your weekly email but I don’t find the kite counting activity. Can you help me as soon as possible. Thank you

    Geneviève Guindon

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