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Leap Frog LeapReader Review

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We had the amazing opportunity to review a LeapReader system from Leap Frog. Leap Frog makes some of my favorite educational products, so I was really excited to have this chance. We got to host a whole party full of fun products and ideas. My kids were thrilled to have a chance to invite friends over to share these cool toys with.
Here is what we received for our Leap Frog party:
  • Two (2) LeapReaders™ pre-loaded with LeapReader™ books and learning apps
  • LeapReader™ books including:
    • Learn to Write Letters With Mr. Pencil Writing Workbook
    • Talking Words Factory Writing Workbook
    • LeapFrog Disney-Pixar Monsters University 3D book along with 16 pairs of LeapFrog Monsters University 3D glasses!
    • Get Ready for Kindergarten book
    • Talking Words Factory Flash Cards
    • Two LeapReader™ Sampler books
  • Awesome Leap Frog Invites and Awards Certificates
  • Fun activity sheets for the kids to write on
When our box of fun came in the mail, we couldn’t wait to dig right in. I only let my kids try a few things though, because we had to save some excitement for the part. We wore our batteries right out on the first night and my kids have had so much fun with them that our LeapReaders are barely ever turned off!!  I have a hard time asking my kids to turn off such an educational toy, but during meal times & family reading times we have had to do just that!  Even my little 2-year-old is carrying them around listening to the songs and stories that they play.
I’ll be honest, I have seen these in the store and wondered about the need for them. But I have to say that I am so incredibly impressed with these LeapReaders. They are SO cool!!  They read stories, yes, but they are also interactive with games, songs, writing activities, drawing, and more.I love the different educational components involved. I really love them and so do my kids. I am excited about getting more books and products to add to our collection. The kids are already making their Leap Frog Christmas wish list!
We invited some of their best buddies over for some snacks and a fun little party to try out our LeapReaders. It was fun to watch the kids dig in and try out all of the activities and stories in the books. They loved also listening to the audio stories and songs that were pre-loaded on our LeapReaders. They all retreated to different comfortable spots to learn all about them.  We also had to watch one of our favorite Leap Frog movies, because we love them!  The kids had a blast!
LeapReaders are recommended for kids ages 4-8. They sell for $49.99.
Want to explore the Leap Frog products some more? Visit the LeapFrog site.
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  1. Hi! Thanks for writing this review. We were thinking about getting a LeapReader for our son who will be 2.5 at Christmas. Do you think that’s too early? He’s really interested in pointing out words in books while we’re reading. We have an obscene amount of books in our house because he just loves them. I’ve wondered if the Tag Junior books can be used with the LeapReader.

    1. My littlest one is 2 1/2 & he LOVES the LeapReader! He loves the songs on it, but will also use it with some of the younger books. If your son is pointing out words already, I say go for it! As far a compatibility with the Jr books, I am not really sure. We haven’t used the Jr. reading system, but I did just look at their site & it looks like many of the tag books are compatible with the LeapReader. So, I think it will depend on the title.

  2. Thanks, Karyn! I’ll check out the website to see what books will work. I thought he might like it, but we don’t know anyone that has it to try it out. Thanks for your help!

    1. Hi I’m in the same position in that I’m thinking of getting the leapreader for a 2 1/2yr old, did you get it in the end and if so how did your son get on

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