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LeapFrog Learning Products

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Sometimes as a blogger you get these awesome perks that you could never dream of, like being a brand ambassador for one of your all time favorite brands!  I am so excited to share that I have been chosen to be on the LeapFrog Mom Squad this year.  I am loving it because I truly love their products. Leapfrog is a brand I have always been happy to purchase for my family because the quality of their toys are so great. Each product they create has an educational purpose that teaches kids critical skills.

Leapfrog Learning Toys

We received a big box full of exciting new LeapFrog products in the mail a few weeks back and have been loving every minute with them!  You should have seen the excitement on my kids’ faces when they saw their new toys!  We received the LeapPad Platinum, 3 sets of of the Imagicards that go with it, as well as their Word Whammer toy to use and review here.  The kids have been playing with these toys nonstop since we got them.  They are so excited about them!!

Word Whammer by LeapFrog

Let me tell you a little about the Word Whammer first. The Word Whammer is a toy designed to help kids with beginning spelling skills. The handles of the toy twist and push in to use in playing the games. It runs on AAA batteries & has power and volume controls along the top.

There are 4 different games on the Word Whammer:

  • Dragon’s Rocket Ride- In this game you blast the rocket into the correct missing letter.
  • Panda’s Bumber Cars- In this game you bump panda’s car into the correct missing letter.
  • Penguin’s Tea Cup Twister- Twist the handle to select the tea cup with the correct letter.
  • Super Speller Spin Machine- Spin the dials and press the handle to create three letter words.

It is a really fun toy that I would recommend for those who are beginning to read and spell. My 4-year-old is not quite reading but still loves it! It teaches letter names and sounds, phonics, and spelling.  It has 5 different levels so it works for different ages and reading levels.

LeapPad Platinum

Our other wonderful present sent to us by Leapfrog was the LeapPad Platinum and 3 sets of Imagicards to go along with it. The LeapPad was such an exciting thing for my kids and I to open because they have been wanting one for a while!


The LeapPad is a 7″ hi-res tablet for kids ages 3-9 full of educational and entertaining games. It comes with a few games and you can purchase many more (1000+)  to entertain and teach your children in a safe, secure environment. You set up personalized profiles for your each of your children. The tablets have a stylus attached for kids to use on the screen. The LeapPad is durable with a plastic bumper around the pad and a shatter-proof screen.

It connects wirelessly and includes kid-safe web browsing that have been chosen by the LeapFrog team, and parents can edit, add or remove any sites they want their kids to be able to access. You can take pictures and videos with it, connect with friends on their LeapPads, play interactive card games with Imagicards, play music, have pets, and more!  There is 8 GB of memory for kids to do with as they will! 🙂


The Imagicards are cards that you use with the LeapPad to play interactive games. The games include questions where the kids search for cards to answer the questions and take a picture of the cards. There are math problems, letter and number recognition, shapes, patterns, spelling and more.  Each of the different card games has a different focus and is for different levels of learners.

We have iPads, and have loved having the LeapPad available for my younger kids so they can feel like they have their own devices. They love it and play with it so much now!  I don’t mind having the kids play on the LeapPad because I know that they are learning as they play.


We are thrilled to be part of the LeapFrog Mom squad!!  Watch for more reviews in the future.

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