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Lightning Fast Spanish- Book Review

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I recently received a copy of the book Lightning-fast Spanish by Carolyn Woods to review here on my blog.  I was excited to give this book a try since we have been struggling to find any foreign language programs that work well in out family.  I have been piecing together bits and pieces of different things trying to teach my family Spanish, without much success.  Lightning Fast Spanish is one more fun element that we can add into our learning. It is not a stand alone curriculum, but we have definitely benefited and learned from it. Plus, my kids like it! 

If you are teaching your children a foreign language, I highly recommend these books (There are many other versions of the book. You can get it in German, French, Chinese, Italian, and Japanese).  There are paperback($14.99)  and Kindle($9.99) versions available on Amazon. 

What I like about the book is that it is built to be used in everyday life.  She has scripted various phrases that you would use in your normal speaking- what clothes will you wear, meal time phrases, play time, etc.  So you learn the phrases and practice them as you are doing that activity.  There are also some fun games at the end of the book that help them remember the words they have learned.

Each time I have pulled out this book to use with my kids, they gather in and speak right back to me the things I am saying to them.  They also run around using the phrases we have learned.  Kids really love learning foreign languages- and learn it so easily.

The book has all of the pronunciation right there for you, so if you are new to the language, you can jump right in without any background in the language.  I am learning the language right along with my kids- I took high school Spanish, but who really remembers much from that?  🙂

I received this book for free in exchange for an honest review.  All opinions are my own and I was not compensated in any other way. 

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