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Make Ten~ Addition Math Game

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Math games are one of my favorite ways to teach math to my kids.  One day, a few years ago, I was in a thrift store on the other side of the country and came across this fun little vintage game. It was an addition math game, so it immediately caught my attention!  I am a bit obsessed with learning games.  I have had it in my head to make my own version of it ever since. This math game is a puzzle where the goal is to make ten.

make ten math game

How to Play the Make Ten Game


This addition math game is a puzzle. It is great for practicing addition facts, but older kids love it as more of a brain puzzle to see who can build the biggest shape in the shortest amount of time.

Each puzzle piece is a triangle with three parts. When cutting out your puzzle, you will want to make sure to leave the groups of three together!  The pieces are numbered and the goal is to piece together as many triangles as possible by connecting pieces that add to ten.

make ten math game addition


The printable file is all in black and white and we printed them on various colors of paper to make it more engaging for kids.

make ten addition math game

Another option, to make it easier on younger kids is to print on white paper and have the kids color each number a certain color. That would make it easier for them to find the numbers they need to add to ten.

addition math game

We had cousins visiting our house when I was working on this game. My niece and nephew (ages 13 and 11) both loved working on this game! But my 8 year old was also enjoying it. It’s great for a wide range of ages.

Want to Download This fun Make Ten Addition Math Game?

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