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Microscope Lapbooking with Hands of a Child

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In the Hands of a Child is a high-quality lapbooking company for homeschoolers. It was created in 2002 by two homeschooling moms. They have lapbooks in nearly every subject imaginable including Bible, literature, science, arts, math, holidays, and more.  If you have never heard of lapbooks before, they are hands-on themed units with mini books, drawings, and graphics that you assemble into a group of filefolders. It is kind of like a scrapbook of what kids have learned on a topic. They can be for any age and for any learning style. The fun thing about this company is that they have done all  of the work for you. They have created so many amazing resources for you to print and use in your own homeschool with little to no preparation ahead of time.

I have been lucky enough to receive a digital download of one of their fun lapbook packs called Under a Microscope for grades K-3. I chose this one because we JUST got a microscope and I thought it would be a perfect way to introduce it to my kids and begin using it. It really was just perfect for that purpose.

This lapbook teaches all about the parts of a microscope, the proper uses, different types of microscopes, eyepieces, microscope slides, lighting, vocabulary, and more.  It was such a wonderful way to help my kids learn all about microscopes in a fun and engaging way.  We loved the variety of styles of booklets and organizers included in the pack.

The lapbook pack is 59 pages. You can choose to print it on colored paper or white. My kids wished I had made it a little more colorful.  It is meant to be done over the course of 5 days. It teaches you how to assemble your lapbook, has tips for adapting it for different children, has a study guide to read and learn together, has templates and printable things to add into your lapbook, and a variety of activities all with detailed instructions. It also has a great list of recommended reading to enhance your learning! I liked the 5-day outline they gave to help me know what we should do each day.

Under The Microscope normally sells for $10 but is on sale right now for $5 (All of their stuff is on sale for August!)  All of the lapbooks, on their site vary in content and price. They also have membership options on their site allowing you to receive even better deals and freebies. This would be great for the “Unit study” homeschooler!!

I used this lapbook with my 2 kids ages 8 and 6. My six-year-old loved all of the cutting and gluing involved- it is right up her alley!  My 8-year-old was much better at answering the questions and helping assemble the parts. They have done a few lapbooks in the past, but are always happy to have the chance to work on one.  They were so proud of their hard work and the finished product they made!

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