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20 Music Apps for Kids

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We are a music loving family. We love all kinds of music and study classical musicians in our homeschool. My kids take piano lessons and I am a trained singer. One things I love is finding creative ways to learn any subject, including music and learning apps are such a great way to do that. Today I want to share with you some great music apps for kids.

20 Educational Music Apps for Kids

I want to start with a new one we just got called Peter and the Wolf in Hollywood. You may have listened to the music of Peter and the Wolf by Sergei Prokofiev and heard the traditional story of Peter and the Wolf.   This app is a new and creative way of telling the story and my kids love it! (This post was a sponsored campaign with Giants are Small and Mom Select. All opinions are my own). 

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Peter and the Wolf in Hollywood is a musical storybook app created by Giants are Small. The artwork in the app was all hand done by artists and craftsmen in a mini set using cardboard, paint and markers and then photographed screen by screen. It took over 18 months of work! It’s impressive!

The app tells the story of Peter leaving Russia and going to live with his grandfather in Hollywood. His grandfather turns out to be a hippie gardener. When a wolf escapes from the zoo, Peter devises a plan to catch it and save the ducks it ate from their yard. All through the story, the music of Peter and the Wolf by Prokofiev is playing. There are also 8 different games interspersed throughout the story. One of the games includes a music selection game that helps kids learn about the music and which characters the music represents.

It is a beautiful app and one that my kids have been really having fun playing the past little while. It’s a great way to incorporate classical music lessons in a fun way, too!

Here is a little video so you can see more of what the app is about:


Now I want to tell you about our other top 19 music apps for kids.  Some of these teach music and some of them let kids PLAY music to learn beats, chords, notes and more.  Connect with them on Facebook and Twitter.

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