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Online Elementary Spanish

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Looking for online Elementary Spanish lessons for your kids?  Many of us as homeschoolers are trying to teach our kids a foreign language.  It is a hard thing to do if you are not fluent in the language yourself, though. Also, it is hard to find good resources for elementary aged kids.  We have been learning Spanish in our home. I have explored a lot of different options for teaching elementary Spanish.  We were recently given a free subscription to Speekee Spanish to review.    We used it a while back and my kids REALLY liked it, so I was glad to have another chance with it. They have updated the website and made a lot of changes to the program since the last time we tried it. Stay tuned for a giveaway at the end, too!

Speekee- Online Elementary Spanish

Using Speekee for Elementary Spanish

Speekee is a website for young kids that teaches Spanish with games and videos. When you set up your account you choose a character to represent your child.  The website gives you little missions to complete. You click on the bell and it gives you instructions to complete each one.  AS you complete the missions you get awards in your room.  The character can walk about the city and explore with the arrow keys or you can use the map to click on where you would like to visit (Zoo, Carnival, Cafe, School, etc.)   At each location there are videos to watch and learn vocabulary related to the place, and trivia games to play.   You earn points and awards for the different things that you do.  Also in each location, you can click on little stars around the scene to learn words.

Speekee website

The videos are all of kids in Spain speaking slowly and clearly to help kids understand the language.   They have a funny little purple puppet named Speekee in lots of the videos who helps teach the Spanish words.  The videos have some really fun catchy songs that my kids love to sing and dance around to.  In the videos it takes you on adventures to different locations- the park, the market, a birthday party, school, the beach and more.  At each location, they teach different words relating to that location. My little ones have picked up a lot of words from the videos and I hear them using them throughout the day.

This video is the introduction:



Speekee Lesson Plan:

Speekee lesson plan


Along with the videos, they have a “Fast Track” lesson plan which outlines a 40-week plan of lessons to use in teaching your kids.  Each lesson gives suggested daily activities for using it 4x each week.  The lessons include suggested videos to watch, have free worksheet downloads, vocabulary and dialogue to practice and flashcards.  I love having this option to make it a little more challenging for my kids who are a little older and need a little more intensity.

Speekee is recommended for kids up to age 7.  I have a three-year-old and a 7-year-old who have both been enjoying the videos a lot!  With the “Fast Track” lessons you can vary the levels by adding in more or less work for your kids.  We really just love logging in playing the games and watching the movies over and over and over…  Once you hear the songs you’ll have them stuck in your head for a long time!

Speekee has a free account and a premium account. The free account has limited access to the videos. The premium account gives you access to more than 40 videos as well as games, locations to explore, safe networking features and lessons.
My kids ADORE Speekee.  They were so excited when we got to subscribe to it again.  They watch the videos all the time- just for fun.  They speak sing and speak in Spanish all around the house all day.   I think it is a really great way to begin Spanish with young kids.  It is fun and low pressure. I love the website redesign that they have done. It took a little bit of figuring out at the beginning, but once we learned how it worked and what we were supposed to do, it is a lot of fun. It is definitely a great resource for teaching elementary Spanish!


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