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Q’s Race to the Top ~ Board Game Review

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Board games are an all time favorite in our house. We love to play games with the kids and the kids play together all the time. My oldest son is always begging to play games more often. I love games that the whole family can play together including the youngest ones. We got a fun new board game to play and tell you all about called Q’s Race to the Top by EQtainment.   It is for ages 3 and up so even the very little ones will love playing it.  I have a three-year-old and he was so excited that there was a game he could do!  This game was developed to help kids practice and grow their emotional intelligence. Emotional intelligence are skills beyond just academics. They include social skills, self control, motivation, and empathy. The development of these skills has shown to be beneficial in careers, relationships, happiness, and the betterment of life in general. EQtainment creates games and stories and videos for this purpose. and I think it is a fabulous idea!

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Q's Race to the Top- a board game teaching social skills, coordination, and behavior for ages 3 and up

Q’s Race to the Top comes with a storybook, that gives the background of what the game is all about. The story is about a little monkey named Q who lives with the Wunder family. Q is very smart and makes all kinds of cool inventions, but sometimes he needs to work on his social skills, like sharing and not thinking before he does things that are not very nice. He tried to solve a family problem but ended up only creating a solution that was good for himself. The lesson at the end was to think before acting and find a solution that was good for everyone.

q's wild ride

This game is a lot of fun, but what makes it unique is that it is helping kids master their behaviors and emotions as well as their coordination.  The game is played by rolling the jumbo sized dice and moving the little monkey shaped game pieces to a colored square. There are three colors. Whichever color they land on they choose a card corresponding to that color. The three colors of cards each represent a different skill. They encourage discussion and communication with your kids. The first one to make it to the top of Q’s treehouse wins!

Q's Race to the Top Board Game



  • The blue cards are the You cards. You cards have questions about You. They help the kids to practice their manners, creative thinking, identify feelings, communication skills, and positive behavior.  Some examples of these cards include remembering to thank the person who made your meals, thinking about what you want to do that only grown-ups can do, discussing family rules, etc.


  • The green cards are the Q cards. These ones are written to help practice social skills, coping skills, a positive attitude, and managing emotions. They are called Q cards because you can advise Q on what you should do in this situation. An example: Q’s brother often tells Q to have patience when they are waiting. What does patience mean? Do you Practice having patience?


  • The red cards are the Do cards. These ones have the kids get up and move. But it is not just for fun, they are also teaching skills. If you are developing emotional and mental self control you have to learn to control arms and legs with balance and coordination. the Do cards help them to practice these things by doing skills such as crab walking, reaching the sky then touching your toes, having a balancing contest on one leg, doing the bunny hop three times, and more.

Learning Physical coordination

This was our favorite part. The first time we played it was with my niece who is also three and she and my son loved getting up and running around.  They also liked answering the different questions on the other cards. Some of them were things they had never though about in their little lives so it was a great way to get their minds thinking in new ways.

EQtainment has a Kickstarter campaign for this game right now. They want to raise awareness and also make it possible to develop more resources to teach these skills. Stop by their campaign and check it out further. It is a great cause to help!


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