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Read Along- The Burgess Animal Book for Children, Chapter 1

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The Burgess Animal Book for Children (Dover Science Books for Children)

I now have a page dedicated to this book.

Inspired by the Burgess Bird Book Companion, I decided to make my own companion for The Burgess Animal Book for Children.  My son loves these Burgess books so much. He was sad that there was not such a great website to go along with each one.

You can listen to this book for free on librivox.org, or you can download a free version for kindle here: The Burgess Animal Book for Children.  We also found it at our library.  We loved it so much though, that I bought our own hard copy.

The book teaches about the different families and orders of many mammals in a very entertaining way- through a great story.  To help you in your lesson, here is a beginning guide All About Mammals. Here is a Worksheet on matching mammals to their family and order.  (These links are from the website exploringnature.org.  This website has many free resources about animals and nature.  You can also pay for a membership to access more content.)

Also, if you want to make a coloring book of all the animals, The Coloring Spot has some lifelike animal pictures, as well as National Geographic (NG doesn’t have rabbits, though).

Chapter 1: Jenny Wren Gives Peter Rabbit an Idea
Chapter 1 audio from Librivox.org

Cottontail Rabbits: Exploring Nature, eNature
Marsh Rabbit:  eNature
Snowshoe Hare:  Exploring Nature,  eNature

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