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If you have little ones who are just starting to learn to read, I have a reading app for you!  Rhyme to Read is a new and innovative app with a set of books for beginning readers. Rhyme to Read was created by educators Sara Hines (PhD in Special Education) and Lynn Klaiman (Master’s in Education: Reading) and is really helping kids learn to read quickly. (I received this app for free in exchange for my review here. All opinions are my own). 

Reading App for Beginning Readers

Rhyme to Read uses word families that are color-coded to help kids recognize the patterns more easily. There are 20 books that get progressively harder and add new words each time. They should be read in order as they build on one another. The colors of the word families stay consistent throughout the books helping the kids to learn and remember the patterns. The title of the book introduces the new pattern. On the left page of each book there is a list of the pattern words for them to read. This list helps them reinforce the pattern for the words. If they are struggling with a word, refer back to that list to help them figure it out. On the right side of the book is the story.  There are sight words included that are not color coded. The students may need help with these at the start, but will begin to pick them up as they repeat. At the end of each book is a cumulative list of the pattern words. You can use these to review or play games with them.



The books are easy to use for young kids. They can touch any words to hear them if they cannot sound them out. The can easily turn pages by swiping to the left or right. It is great for the very beginning readers. All they need to know coming in is the ability to recognize and know the sounds of all of the letters.




I love what they have created with this reading app. It is a fabulous program to help kids learn to read. My daughter who is 7 enjoyed reading through them, but is a little bit past the beginning stage. I have another reader coming up soon, though and plan on using these with him for sure.

reading app

  The app sells for $9.99 for the full set of books, but you can download the free version to try out the first book.

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