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The Adventurous Mailbox

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I have a love of world travel. I have been to a few countries and each time it makes me want to see and learn more about the world.  We haven’t been able to travel much with our kids because of finances, but I still want to help them understand world cultures. I do this by exposing them to the world through literature, movies, cultural events, food and more.  Do you want to take your kids on an adventure around the world, without ever actually leaving your house?  We have been doing just that. We have had the pleasure of trying out a really impressive service called The Adventurous Mailbox. (I received this for free in exchange for a sponsored review. While I am being compensated for my time in writing this post, all thoughts are mine alone.)

The Adventurous Mailbox Subscription Service

The Adventurous Mailbox is unlike any other educational product I have tried, and we have tried quite a few. They send a set of 8 books to your door from all around the world. We received series one of the books all at once, or you can choose to have them sent one at a time monthly. The books are written to a 4th or 5th grade level and are about 40-60 pages each with amazing illustrations. They are written as letters from the main character, 12-year-old Crameye Junker. Each book is telling of Crameye’s adventure in another country. His father has some kind of secret, dangerous, international job causing the family to travel to new places a lot. The books are full of adventures and funny stories and were really enjoyable to read to my kids. However, they also teach a lot about the culture and geography of the different countries. You can tell that the books were well-researched and really explored who the people were in each location. After the first intro kit, they will send you a new book monthly from the different locations around the world.

Geography Subscription Service for Kids

The intro kit comes in the coolest packaging. My kids were excited from the minute they opened it!

These are the 8 books in series one. The second series will be ready early next year!

adventurous mailbox books- intro set

I began by reading the first couple of books to my kids, but they were too impatient to read it all together.  My son ended up taking them all to finish on his own. He was constantly narrating the silly stories and fun facts to me as he read the books. I loved seeing how much fun he had reading them. I really enjoyed the stories as much as my kids did!

Screen Shot 2015-03-29 at 9.48.07 PM

Along with the set of books, we received a secret code to log in to the Crameye’s World website. The site has blogs for the different characters in the books telling more about their adventures. It has games, jokes, videos, and more. My kids have been on there many different times to read and explore the website. They have learned even more about the countries in the books from it.

There is also a teacher’s site that gives you access to lessons and educational content to continue and expand learning. They have reading comprehension, vocabulary, writing, projects, forums for group work and more!  There are also teacher forums to join and share even more ideas.


The initial package is $79, or you can choose the monthly option for $20. There are other options you can add to your experience for additional fees.

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