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TouchMath ~Kindergarten Review

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TouchMath is an award winning math program that involves many senses to help kids grasp the abstract concept of numbers with Touch Points- dots on the numbers representing the quantity of each number).  They have a new homeschool curriculum for grades Pre-K through 2nd grade as well as special-education. We are SO lucky to review the Kindergarten level to use with my little K-aged daughter.

There are 4 units in the Kindergarten level- each with over 200 pages.
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Unit A covers counting, adding and subtracting within 5.
Unit B covers Adding and subtracting within 9
Unit C covers understanding numbers 1-20
Unit D covers Measurement, Data, Geometry

The curriculum includes a teacher guide as well as student pages for learning.  Individual units have 6 modules with a total of 90 printable student pages. Pricing for each unit is $59.95 as a downloadable product with a discount for an entire year’s 4 unit program ($199.95).

Kindergarten Math Curriculum

We took a break from our other math curriculum and have been using this exclusively for the past month and a half.  The beginning unit was a little below my daughter’s level, so we breezed through it pretty quickly. I am glad we started from the beginning, though.  It helped us understand the way the curriculum works.  She really loved all of the pages and loved the change of pace. We usually did about 4 pages each day- sometimes she wanted to do a lot more, though.

We have now gotten all of the way through Unit A and are a little way into Unit B.  The workbook pages have been really great practice for her.  What I have been really impressed with is the way they make numbers come to life.  It is a fun hands-on math curriculum. The TouchPoints that they use are an amazing concept. She is doing beginning addition and they have the TouchPoint dots printed on the numbers.  She can just count the little dots (or pictures) making the concept so much easier for her to understand.  I think that TouchMath has completely made math easy and do-able for her.

Along with the curriculum, we also were blessed to receive the TouchShapes, the 3-D Numerals and the Kindergarten Tutor Software. These manipulatives are not essential for the curriculum, but they sure did enhance it! When my daughter was working through her addition problems it really made it so easy to understand when she could touch each TouchPoint and count them.  The 3-D numbers are so wonderful!  They are bright, colorful and durable. The software program has fun educational games related to the curriculum. We REALLY enjoyed it!  The shapes are fun and bright colored.  They match up to many of the worksheets in the curriculum to enhance it and make it more interactive. I am so impressed by the high-quality of this curriculum.  I also think the fact that they also cater to special needs students is amazing!


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