Back to School Homeschool Planner



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Grab a homeschool planner to help you plan your school year~ also works well for teachers!

This one is geared directly to homeschool families, but could easily be used by all teachers by just omitting a few of the pages!  This is perfect to be used by parents/ teachers or students.

I left this planner un-dated other than a year at a glance calendar in the beginning. This planner is 99 pages long and runs from August to July. The Homeschool Planner includes the following:


  • Monthly goal sheets
  • Monthly overview
  • Weekly pages with to-do lists, assignments and notes on each page
  • Project planner pages
  • Learning Time schedule pages to map out your school day
  • Assignment trackers
  • Weekly goal planners
  • Reading list pages
  • Weekly activity planners
  • Homeschool info sheet- Includes: student schedule, programs being used, student schedule overview, and more
  • Lunch planner page
  • Website tracker page
  • Field Trip planner page
  • Unit Study planner page
  • Academic Goals page
  • Grade Tracker page

The planner pages themselves are nearly identical to the back to school planner, minus the dates. I like having a calendar that is re-usable year to year. The main differences are just the extra planner pages at the end of the calendar.


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