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Literature-Based Homeschooling Resources

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Our homeschool has always been very literature rich.  We are big fans of good books and I work hard to bring in the best ones for my kids. There are many different types of literature-based homeschooling programs available for families to choose from.  I want to share with you the different programs or curriculum available that are literature-based. We all like homeschooling in different ways, so this will hopefully help one of you to find the right fit.

Literature-based homeschooling

This year we chose to do the Charlotte Mason method in our home and for the first few weeks it has gone seamlessly!   If you are unfamiliar with Charlotte Mason, take a little time to research her and her teaching methods.  I have read some of her books as well as a few books about her methods over the past few years and I have slowly bit by bit merged my style into this one. Charlotte Mason’s method is ver focused on good “living” books. Living books are books that really make the subject you are studying come alive and are written by people who love the subject. So for each subject, I have researched and found books that do just that. My kids have been so happy and I have not received any complaints (except about writing, as usual!!)

Why is Good Literature Important?

  • Literature teaches virtues and values that have often become lost in modern society.
  • Good books challenge the mind and stretch.
  • Good literature discusses universal truths.
  • It engages the reader with timeless stories.
  • You can understand literary references in conversations and in other books.
  • It teaches history and culture.
  • Good literature is a work of art that is meant to be appreciated.

Literature-Based Homeschooling Resources:

This is a list of literature-based homeschooling options.  Some of the sites are free book lists, and others are curriculum packages. I love browsing the curriculum packages for book ideas even if I do not buy the full curriculum. A lot of thought went into their choices.


Did I miss your favorite?  Share with us your favorite way to use literature in your homeschool!

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  1. Thanks for sharing. I’m excited because I’m going to use this method in my homeschooling this year. Also, I’m going to use it with both Chinese and English books as well. Hope it will go well. Also, I would like to include this link my “this week” blog post, since I’m also writing about the same topic. Feel free to read about it at http://www.fortunecookiemom.com

    Po Tim

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