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Foreign Languages For Kids

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We have pretty much ALWAYS done Spanish in our homeschool- on and off, here a little and there a little. Knowing a foreign language is a valuable skills that I really want my kids to have.  We have used ALL of the different Spanish programs for kids I can get my hands on and I have struggled to find things that we really want to stick with. There is a new one on the market and it is GOOD!  Foreign Languages for Kids created a video Spanish learning program that my kids have been devouring. (We received a free trial membership in exchange for this post. All opinions are my own.) 

Foreign Languages for Kids

Foreign Languages For Kids was created by Kit Strauss when she couldn’t find great Spanish Learning programs for her own kids. She has been working on it for over a decade!  It uses immersion and fun visuals as well as a great dose of humor to make kids engaged and wanting to learn. It requires little to NO parent involvement and the kids beg to do it! The Foreign Languages for Kids program proves its quality by the number of great educational rewards it has received.

The lessons are videos that take you on an airplane flight to different places around the world where they speak Spanish.  They are short (under 5 mintes each) and entertaining! I like that they are brief because you don’t lose kids’ attention.  They also include some geography in the films by showing where they travel to on a world map. The kids speak solely in Spanish, but make it quite easy for kids to figure out what they are talking about with the graphics, and actions that are done throughout the film.

Workbook page sample
Workbook page sample

After every 4-5 video lessons, there is an online workbook that kids can complete by answering questions about the things they learned in the videos. The lessons are divided into “Flights” or levels 101, 201, 301.  Each level has a set of videos and workbooks to work through. In all there are 40 video lessons to watch and learn from.

This is a sample video of their first lesson:

The website is a subscription membership.  There are different plans that you can choose, each one reduces the cost overall. IF you do not want a monthly fee, the videos and workbooks are also available to purchase as physical copies, too. Videos can be bought individually or as a Super Set including their Dice Off game & 9-page sticker set to use around your house and label things!


Foreign Languages for Kids Pricing:

  • 1 month is $14.99
  • 3 months is $39.99
  • 6 months is $69.99
  • 1 year is $89.99

If you are comparing the different options available, this is a great deal for all that you are getting. I have had two of my kids using t and they are having a lot of fun with the program. My daughter has very little Spanish experience, but has learned a lot from it and I hear her using Spanish words more and more often around the house!

They have a FREE trial you can use to check it out, too.  Want more Spanish teaching ideas?  I have a Homeschool Spanish post collecting all the different resources available!

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