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I-Spy With My Little Eye

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Something that is Red!!

We love i-spy books and games at our house.  I had an idea to make our own i-spy book out of toys and objects from our house. It was so much fun to create and collect items of different colors to make these i-spy pictures. My kids ran all around helping my find just the right things for each color as we worked on it. Now they love looking at them because they are full of objects from our home that they recognize.
red i spy
…and Orange
orange i spy

I have some fun I-Spy printables for you today.  If you would like to use these, right click & save the images.  Print out at your local photo center (or at home) & put into a small photo album to make a book. I highly recommend laminating them to make them last longer. Or frame them for your kids’ rooms.  I am working through the whole rainbow and will have more available soon.

Get ALL of the I-Spy Pages!

i spy collage
Click HERE for yellow and blue.
Click HERE for pink and purple.
Click HERE for green, black & white!

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  1. So cool. I made something similar when my 4 year old was little but it was much simpler. I love all the details and how you wrote the I- spy right on the page. Thanks so much for the freebie. He’ll love the challenge of these.

  2. Just found these, and I think they’re great! Good idea and great themes!

    It seems that the link for the orange picture is not working well. For all of the other colors, I was able to click on the image to enlarge it, but that wasn’t possible for orange. Would it be possible to fix this?


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