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Lewis & Clark Learning Resources

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It is time for my monthly Poppins Book Nook post. This month’s theme was the Wild West. We are studying American History in our house this year. One topic I have always loved is Lewis & Clark’s Expedition. What better topic for the Wild West than Lewis & Clark- the men who charted it!  I am so inspired by all they did and all they discovered. Today I have a big list of Lewis and Clark Learning Resources to share with you. I have compiled a list of books, and other fun things you can use to learn more about their expedition.

Lewis & Clark Learning Resources


We are using the Trail Guide to Learning curriculum for our history & geography studies this year, and are really enjoying it. One of the books that goes with that curriculum is Seaman. Seaman is the dog who went west with Lewis & Clark. This chapter book is a great story about all of the adventures they went on. It left me wanting to learn more about them and to teach my kids even more.


IMG_8909 1(These are some of the wild flowers we have collected and pressed from our hikes.)

Lewis & Clark kept a journal of their travels that has been published. There is a Kindle copy for 99 cents & it is well worth it!  I thought it would be a lot of fun to learn more about Lewis & Clark with my kids by doing nature journals with them. We have started spending time outside more drawing nature and learning about the plants in our area. We have a local field guide of our area that we use to look up plants. We are also collecting samples to press and learn more about. Lewis & Clark drew the plants they discovered as they were on their journey, so I am trying to teach my kids the importance of the nature journals to help them in their learning. I have been sketching right along with them and loving it. I have never been a great artist, but it is fun to take some time to try and my talents are developing.


Lewis & Clark Books for Kids

Lewis & Clark Books for Kids

There are lots of great books for kids about Lewis & Clark. I have not read all of these yet, but here is a list of the ones I could find. You may be able to find many at your local library.

Lewis & Clark Hands On

Adventures of Munford: Munford Meets Lewis & Clark

Seaman: The Dog Who Explored the West with Lewis and Clark

The Captain’s Dog

Time Warp Trio: Lewis and Clark

A Picture Book of Lewis and Clark

How We Crossed the West: The Adventures of Lewis and Clark

Lewis and Clark for Kids

Lewis and Clark and Me: A Dog’s Tale

You Wouldn’t Want to Explore With Lewis and Clark

Seaman’s Journal: On the Trail With Lewis and Clark


More Lewis & Clark Learning Resources

Following are even more ideas you can use to study Lewis & Clark. There are so many fun free resources online to use.

Lewis & Clark.org is a great place to find all kinds of info!!

Use a printable Lewis and Clark map to study their route.

National Geographic did a Lewis & Clark Movie. They also have an interactive section on their site to learn more about their journey.

Google Maps has an interactive map of the Lewis and Clark Journey.

See what was on Lewis & Clark’s packing list.

Lewis & Clark Coloring Book

Crayola has a neat coloring page about Lewis and Clark

Mr. Nussbaum has a ton of great things about Lewis & Clark, including a fun interactive map.

There are lots of free worksheets from Class Brain

Tina’s Dynamic Homeschool has a lap book on Lewis & Clark and a ton of other great ideas and resources!





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