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Indiana Jones Duct Tape Whip

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Did you know you can make a homemade duct tape whip?  It’s great for Indiana Jones enthusiasts, for costumes for kids, or just a great toy for an adventurous kid!
Duct Tape toy whip- Indiana Jones toy!
Now I know this whip may not be the safest toy, but some older kids can definitely handle these kinds of things! You may have to set some rules about where and what you can use it on.
I made this whip for my son for Christmas this past year.  He has played with it non-stop.  It has held up incredibly well, too.  It was so easy to make. It is always hard to find good home-made gifts for boys- and this is a really fun one!

How to Make a Duct Tape Whip:

To make the duct tape whip, you just need a few supplies!
You’ll need a roll of Beige or Brown Duct Tape  and a wooden dowel– I used one that was 3/8″.
Cut the tape into 3- 10 ft. long strips. Attach the ends onto the back of a chair and and stretch the tape to the back of another chair that is 10 ft. away.

making a duct tape whip for Indiana jones costume

Fold each piece of tape in half except for the ends- leave them attached to the chairs.
Start braiding one end while they are all still taped to the chairs, this keeps it from getting too tangled.  If you have another person to help out, you can have them untangle it for you.  It takes a while to get it all braided.

make a homemade duct tape whip

Braid the three pieces all the way to the end. Your whip is nearly done!

braiding Indiana jones whip
When you get to the end, take a small piece of tape and wrap it around the end to secure it.  Remove the other end from the chair and attach them to the wooden dowel.
Here is the finished duct tape whip!

homemade duct tape whip- Indiana jones

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  1. So fun! I made my boys light sabers out of duct tape wrapped around foam pipe covers. They love them… we do have to have rules about how/ when to use them though! I love your Indiana Jones whip. What imaginative play. We have lots of play ideas up on we teach this week. I’d love if you could come share your post on the weekly blogger share!

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