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Mom Anger – Breaking the Habit

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Mom anger is something I think we all deal with. I do. I have these days where every little thing seems to set me off. Sometimes I start the day off on the wrong foot and can’t seem to get myself under control. Can you relate?

Mom Anger- Breaking the Habit

I have never considered myself to be an angry person. My mom always called me the peacemaker of the family. Anger was not my issue. Not until my kids came along. There are buttons that kids know how to push. They seem to find those buttons and push them again and again until I crack!

After I yell at my kids, I always feel so guilty. I don’t like the feelings it brings into my home. I don’t like the way I feel afterwards. I don’t like the things I say when I am angry.

Having 2 kids with pretty severe ADHD tends to escalate my anger as well. Lately I have been struggling internally with how I am responding to my children and how I am reacting. I have been needing to rethink it all and find my inner calm again.

mom anger

A couple of weeks ago, I was contacted my a blogging friend of mine, Alicia from Your Vibrant Family.  It had been a really hard week. Alicia told me she was launching a video course called 7 Days to a Less Angry Mom. She wondered if I would be interested in reviewing it. I immediately knew it would be something that would bless my life.  And it has!

7 Days to a Less Angry Mom is a course that helps you recognize the triggers that set you off and figure out ways to break those habits by replacing them with healthier habits. It helped me look inside myself and see where the anger was starting and why. It helped me figure out ways to deal with the anger besides lashing out at my kids.

Alicia’s videos are engaging and she is full of great information!  She has videos for each day as well as workbooks with homework to do after watching the videos. The info is so, so valuable!! And it can help YOU break your habits.

Today is the VERY first day you can purchase it and it is on sale this week for her launch. Be sure to stop on over and check it out for yourself. If you are struggling with controlling your Mom anger, like I am, then this is for you!!
mom anger

Break the habit of yelling at your kids. Break the habit of lashing out with words that will hurt. Become a Less Angry Mom.

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