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Organizing Homeschool Supplies

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Today I wanted to show you how I organize my kids’ homeschool supplies.  Organizing homeschool supplies is one of my biggest challenges with homeschooling.  I have tried a lot of different things, and none of them seemed to work.  What I have done this year is the easiest and cleanest solution I have come up with.

Organizing Homeschool Supplies

I got each kid a different colored plastic crate. You know the ones they sell at Walmart for $3 at back to school time?  Now they each have their own place that they don’t fight over. It has been the best solution for our mess.

For the rest of the books that we do together, I have a bookshelf right by my own desk that I keep those books on. It is a great shelf with lots of cubbies. I keep the teacher manuals there as well as workbooks that they will do later. Also, all of the blank notebooks and paper is on that shelf, too.

Organizing Homeschool Books and Supplies

I set up a long table (from Ikea) that has a computer and their school supplies on it. Then I slide their book crates right underneath the table to keep them out of the way.

our homeschool station

One of the biggest problems we seemed to have last year was the great pencil fight. My kids never could find a pencil, or if they did, they fought over it. There are a lot of pencils in our house, but the kids could never keep track of them.

Solving the pencil fight- homeschool organization

To solve this, I got two colors of duck tape and put strips of tape around the top of the pencil. Now they know who the pencils belong to. If they see their color of tape, they know they were the one who left it on the floor and have to put it away.


I would love to know your best tips! Share in the comments.


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