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Involving Dad in Homeschooling

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Is Dad a part of homeschooling your kids?


In most families the Dads are not around much. They are not around to teach the basics during the day or to witness how the typical homeschool day goes. That is the way it is in our family- my husband works long hours. But, I feel it is really important for Dads to be involved in as many ways as possible. There are many things that a Dad can teach better, that he may know more about and have more experience doing.

So, I guess I will begin by asking all of you how you involve your husbands in the homeschooling process? While my husband may not be around for the every day teaching, there are so many wonderful lessons that he teaches our children.

At our house, my kids are so excited when Daddy comes home. The always go running to greet him, to tell him about their day, to hug him, play with him. It seems to be the best time of day for them- and for me, let’s be honest! I love watching their interactions

When I was growing up my Dad always asked us at dinner what we had learned that day. I often remember saying “nothing” to him. He would laugh & ask what I did at school all day… We have continued that tradition at our dinner table. My husband will ask the children what things they have been learning about. The kids are typically eager to share with him what we did- field trips, walks, books we read, experiments we did, projects we are working on, etc. He will engage them in discussions, ask them questions. This is a great way to reinforce the things they are learning.

Another thing that my husband does is bring them books that they love to read.  He loves to search thrift stores for used books. He loves reading as much as the kids and I do, so he enjoys finding great books for them. My kids get really excited when he will come home with “new” ones that they have been wanting. He often reads them stories in the evening as well. This is a great way to encourage them in their reading!

My husband loves to teach the children the value of work. Typically Saturday is a day we get lots of chores and work around the house done. He is great at spending time teaching them how to do their chores well.  He also teaches them how to work and repair things around the home.

My husband likes to take the kids out to do active things on the weekend. We often go on walks, hikes, or bike rides as a family. The kids love to do these things with their dad. It is a great way to have fun and get in physical activity at the same time.

He is an example of truth and righteousness to our children. He instigates family scripture reading and prayer.  We all value this time together as a family. The kids know that their Dad loves them and that he loves the Lord.

It isn’t always easy to teach our children at home, but I am grateful I have a husband who supports what I do. He is a great strength to me and to our whole family.


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  1. Wow! How wonderful that you have found some interesting ways to involve your husband.

    In my home my husband is the one doing the homeschooling. I teach kindergarten about an hour away and since our oldest really wanted to try homeschooling, he is the one at home with them every day. (The oldest is LOVING doing school at home.) We had been in private school and hubs is happy about not doing the 20 minute drive back and forth twice a day. He has an educational background but with secondary math, so second and pre-k is a little different.

    Now my challenge is to find ways to be involved without over stepping since education is my field, but to support and encourage my spouse and children in this new journey.

    I love reading your blog for a great homeschool perspective. Thanks 🙂

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