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Picture Room Cleaning Chart for Young Kids

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Want an easy way to help your little ones clean their room?  Try this picture room cleaning chart for young kids.

When it is cleaning time, my daughter always gets a little overwhelmed and says she doesn’t know what to clean. She is not reading yet, so I made a VERY simple little picture room cleaning chart.

I put pictures of the things that she needs to clean. Now, she can just look at the pictures to help her know what to do. She can accomplish one task at a time.  It’s really helped her learn how to clean her room!

This picture cleaning chart is great for toddlers and preschool aged children who are not reading, but are able to accomplish cleaning tasks.

picture room cleaning chart

How to use the Picture Room Cleaning Chart:

I laminated the picture room cleaning chart.  Now my daughter can mark it off each day as she cleans with a dry erase marker.  If you don’t have a laminator, slip it into a sheet protector.
I stuck it on her wall right at her eye level. Now, she can easily look at each picture and clean the corresponding items in her room.
This has simplified the cleaning process in so many ways.  She no longer cries about not knowing what to clean next. I used to have to sit by her side and instruct her on what to clean next, but now she can do the work without my constant guidance.
I have since learned that my daughter struggles with ADHD. Her struggles to clean are a symptom of that. This method of cleaning greatly helps kids with ADHD!
I am planning on making a similar picture cleaning chart for the playroom, too. That would be more specialized by the toys you have in your home~ but it is simple to put together.  It REALLY works well for my daughter, too. She loves having exact guidelines of what to do!
picture cleaning chart for bedroom

Download a copy of the picture room cleaning chart HERE

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