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Writing a Check Worksheet for Kids

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Writing a check has become a bit of a lost art these days. But, kids still will need to know how to do it!  Today I have a printable Writing a Check worksheet you can use to teach your students how to write checks.

check writing worksheets and activities

I will be honest, I rarely use checks as a form of payment anymore. Most of my payments are set to automatically withdraw at a set date each month.  Most payments these days are done electronically, with PayPal, Venmo, Apple Pay, or debit cards, but there will still be scenarios when writing a check is the only option.

Check writing is kind of like cursive writing. Do we still need to know the skill?  Some say yes, and some say no. But knowing how to manage your bank account is an important skill whether you write checks or not.

My son is moving out this week and renting his first apartment. When he discovered that paying his monthly rent with a check is cheaper than paying it with a credit card, he headed to the bank  to get checks.  He never got any initially and hasn’t needed to use them in the few years since he first got his checking account! We are figuring out what life skills we might have missed teaching him as he heads out to college.

Check Writing Worksheets

Now, on to these check writing worksheets. The worksheets I created could be used in lesson plans for elementary school, middle school or high school students, really anyone who needs check-writing practice- even college kids who might need a refresher. 😉  They teach the parts of the check and how to write a check.

First I include a bank check labeling each of the parts of a check and instructions on how to fill them out: date, payee, memo line, signature line, etc.  The only things missing are the bank name, check numbers, account numbers and routing numbers, since these are personal to where you bank.

How to Write a Check

If you need a refresher on how to write a check, see the image below. But here are the steps, too.

In the top right-hand corner, you write the date.

Next is the Pay to the Order of line where you fill out who the check is for, such as the name of the store or person.

In the small box, you write the amount of the check in numbers.

On the long line you write the amount of the check in word form.

You sign your full name on the bottom right corner.

The Memo line is to make not of what the check was for you help with personal record keeping.

how to write a check

There are four practice check-writing scenarios so kids can practice their understanding of how to write a check.

I created a practice check register with columns to record the transactions of each of the practice checks and some deposits. There are columns for check number, date, payee, description, debit, credit, and account balance.

Knowing how to balance your checking account is an important skill to understand for life. Plus, it’s great math practice, too!  This would be a good math activity to teach kids addition, subtraction, and number words.

Also included are some blank checks and a blank checkbook register that can be used for extra practice.

These blank checks could be used as play checks, too!  You can make kids their own check book for pretend play for younger kids.

If your kids are learning personal finance, these would be great practice to teach them how to keep track of their money. It would also be great preparation for getting their own bank account.

Download the Writing a Check Worksheets Now!


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