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Looking for some Homeschool Coaching and Support as you figure out your homeschool year?  
I have a guest post to share with you today from my dear friend Megan over at Coach Meg Thomas.  She is a certified life coach specializing in homeschool coaching. Meg and I used to co-host the Called to Homeschool Podcast, until I decided to scale back some things and she took it over. She is an incredibly inspiring mom doing awesome things in her homeschool.  Read on to learn more about what Coach Meg Thomas has to offer!

Homeschool Coaching & Support from Coach Meg Thomas

You might remember me as Karyn’s side kick from our podcast, Called to Homeschool. My name is Meg Thomas and I am a homeschool coach, a mother of seven, and I just finished my 15th year of homeschooling. 
And I am about to rock your world, so buckle up.
I love helping make homeschool easy, so you can do it longterm and still have a life as well.
I always love sharing my schedule with everyone, but I wanted to do something more.
I’ve been thinking. How could I help all the Mamas out there with their homeschool??? And my answer…give them their homeschool curriculum and schedule!
It can take hours and even weeks to come up with a homeschool schedule.
Wouldn’t it be amazing if someone, who just so happens to be a homeschool pro with gobs of experience, did the work for you?
Well, that is what I have done. I have created a homeschool schedule and curriculum for you!!
It is heavily influenced by Charlotte Mason, Well-Educated Heart, and my own experience.
My philosophy is heart, habits, mind.
I have the school year divided into six units and each unit you will focus not only on the mind, but on habits as well. The first unit is the habit of listening!! What a great way to start the school year, right?!?
homeschool coaching- coach meg Thomas
The doors to my membership are currently open, but will close Friday, August 18th at midnight. In the membership, you will get your homeschool plans, a community of like-minded Mamas cheering you on, live homeschool coaching to help you in any area where you might feel stuck, and a video series to help you even more.
You are not going to want to miss this!
Also, the prices to my homeschool coaching membership will increase September 1st, so make sure to join today and get locked in at this lower price!!

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