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See Inside: Homeschool Room Ideas

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Want some new homeschool room ideas?  Come take a peek at our school room to see how we have it organized!

I love looking at people’s homeschool rooms. While we all live in different sized and types of homes, seeing how others organize their space can be great for ideas.

I have been living in my current home for about 7 years now. I have this huge big space that has always doubled as our playroom and homeschool room. I never loved how it looked or how it was organized, so this Summer I finally had the funds and the idea to make it into what I wanted. I am now in love with our space and happy to show it off a bit!

What is in Our Homeschool Room?

I set up these desks with Ikea tables and drawers. The chairs are from there as well.  I got two of their long skinny tables and four drawers. Each table has 2 drawers and also has two legs.

Now each child has their own set of drawers for their school books. It has made it so much easier to keep their school books organized and in one place.

Homeschool Room Tour

We have a lot books, so there are a few bookshelves on the other side of the room. I also have my desk in here where I work and am available for my kids as needed.

Also tucked back into one corner are some square cube shelves full of our craft supplies and other school supplies.  (See my post of essential homeschool supplies)

I got a big new rug to cover our old ugly brown carpet and it has really brightened up the room so much!  You can find the rug on Amazon here.

You can see the full room tour in my video.

Homeschool Room Tour

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