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Printable Fraction Flowers

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It’s Spring! So it’s time for a fun Spring learning idea. I created a printable set of Fraction Flowers that includes fractions through 1/10.  This can now be purchased in my shop.

Printable Fraction Flowers

Fraction Flowers are a fun way to learn about and to practice fractions. They are also great for learning fraction equivalents.  To make them, print out the fraction pies from my printable. Then cut them out and glue them into the center of some paper plates.

Paper plate fraction flowers

Once the glue is dry, cut the plates apart. The printable set also includes a flower stem to attach if you want to make them into flowers. My daughter loved turning them into flowers!

circle fractions

They can also be built and also you can substitute parts of different flowers to make a complete circle in different ways!

circle fraction flowers




Want more fraction ideas?  See my Hershey Fractions post! I also have a post on Fun Ways to Teach Fractions to Kids.


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