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Kindergarten Math: Insect Number Cards

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My kindergartner is learning number words right now in her math lessons.  In her curriculum she is learning a cute rhyme to remember the words. (o-n-e, only one me. . . ) I wanted to give her more practice, so I created these Kindergarten Math Insect Number Cards. I say kindergarten, but they could be used by preschoolers or first graders learning these words as well.

kindergarten math insect number cards

Kindergarten Math: Insect Number Cards

These Insect number cards help kids to learn number recognition.  They help them practice writing the numerals.   They also help them practice spelling and writing the number words.

The number cards include the numbers from 1-12.  Each card includes a picture of an insect, the number and the number word for tracing.  There are four different insects that I rotate through on the number cards: ants, bees, butterflies, and fireflies.

kindergarten math insect counting

These insect number cards are a simple and fun way to get kids excited about number words and counting.

insect kindergarden math

I made this set in both color and in black and white.  The color one is fun and bright, but the black and white one can be colored in by little aspiring artists, like my daughter. When she saw me making them, she insisted that I make some that she can color in as well!

Want to download these Cute Kindergarten Math Insect Number Cards?

Click Here to Download Now——–>Insect Counting Cards

kindergarten math- insect counting

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