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Valentine STEM ~ Cupid’s Arrow Math Game

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I’ve got a SUPER fun Valentine STEM idea for you today! This Cupid’s Arrow Math game will definitely be a memorable math lesson. It is super easy to put together and your kids will love it. This is great for Valentine’s Day Parties and class activities.

Cupid's Arrow- Valentine's Day STEM Learning Game

To make this Cupid’s Arrow Valentine’s Day learning game you need a poster board, markers, straws (we love these fun colored paper straws to make it more festive!) and q-tips. Easy enough?  I think so!

Valentine STEM- Cupid's Arrow Math Game

Draw a few hearts on the poster board making a target out of them. Assign each section a point value. Give the kids a starting line where they have to stand to shoot/blow their arrows. Give each one 5 arrows. They get to blow their arrows onto the target and add up their total points.

Valentine learning game

Give each child three turns and see who has the best score at the end of the game.

Valentine's Day STEM- Cupid's Arrow Math Game

Try our Straw Rockets, too!

Straw Rocket

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Also you have to check out the STEAM Kids Valentine’s Day book!

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