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Chinese New Year Zodiac Matching Game

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It’s almost Chinese New Year!  So, what do we need?  A learning activity about it, right?  I have been working on a fun one to share with you. This is a Zodiac Matching game with a little “twist”.  The twist is that it includes a spinner to make the matching game more challenging.

Chinese New Year- Zodiac Matching Game

The game matches the animal pictures from the Chinese zodiac with the symbols for the animal names. (Don’t worry, I include a key to make it easy on you.  I know not all of us know our Chinese characters that well! 😉 )

This is such a fun game and I am so excited about it!  It is a printable game and includes matching cards, half with the animals and half with the symbols. It includes a spinner made after the fashion of the Chinese zodiac wheel and it also has a chart with a key to look up the symbols and animals.

Chinese New Year Learning Game

To make it you just print it on card stock paper, and cut it out. Then I used a paper clip and a push pin to do the spinner wheel.  You can put it onto cardboard or a cork board to hold down the spinner.

How to Play the Chinese New Year Zodiac Matching Game:

This is played like a normal matching game with one small addition. You first spin the spinner and then you have to find the match to the animal that you spun. If you spin the animal of the year (This year is the rooster) then you get an extra spin or an extra chance to find that match.

Fun, right?  The spinner makes it a little more challenging. It also prolongs the game a bit, so if you have littler ones, you can play with the cards face up to make it easier on them.  Both ways are a lot of fun!

What’s cool about this game is that the kids are learning about the zodiac as well as learning to recognize the Chinese characters for the animals.

Ready to download?


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