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Rainbow Woven Lantern

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This rainbow woven lantern project has a lot of fun elements to it. We started with just the rainbow weaving part, but I decided it was so pretty, that we needed to turn it into something useful!  I like crafts and projects that are useful as well as educational! Since there is color mixing involved it adds in an art and science element to it!

Rainbow weaving project

How to Make a Rainbow Woven Lantern

Supplies Needed:

Transparent Plastic Colored Sheets
Battery Operated Tea Lights
Clear Tape

I used the colored transparencies and cut them into strips.

Rainbow Weaving

I then played them out in alternating colors and taped along the top of the strips to hold them in place.

Use the remaining strips of transparencies and weave them through in the other direction.

weaving and color mixing at the same time- Art and Science

The weaving part was a fun activity all on its own!  We spent a long time just doing this because my kids were enjoying it so much!   What’s so fun about this is seeing all of the different color combinations it makes as it is woven! If you have a light table, this would be an awesome activity to do on it.

color weaving with transparencies

Once it is all finished, tape along the other sides to keep it from coming apart. And roll it into a tube to make the lantern. It was really tall, so I actually ended up cutting it in half and making it into two lanterns. You’ll need to tape along these edges, too.

Woven Rainbow Lantern

Place it over the top of a battery powered tea light- not a real flame!

Woven Rainbow Lanterns

These can be used on your kids dressers at night as a colorful night light.  MY kids loved having them by their beds.


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