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Color Science Experiments for Kids: Rainbow STEM

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Today is Day 2 in my 5 Days of Science Fun series. If you missed yesterday’s Nature Science post, be sure to check it out!  Today is all about Color Science!  This is one of my favorites.

We tried a fun experiment with Napa Cabbage & colored water. I am sure you’ve seen this done before with celery or carnations, but we wanted to try something different.

We did three colors in three different jars. Each day we checked to see the difference. We left it for about a week total. I’ll be honest & say that it didn’t get as colorful as we hoped, but it was still fun for the kids to see what happens and to understand why. The leaves all got a touch of color throughout.

Here are a few more fun color science ideas for you to try with your kids:

rainbow color science
 color mixing with light
Scented Color Mixing from Fun-a-Day
How to Make a Rainbow from Inspiration Laboratories
I LOVE this Changing Ant Colors from Preschool Powol Packets



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