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Why I Chose Sonlight to Homeschool High School

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When I started homeschooling my preschooler 10 years ago, my biggest fear was what would happen once we reached high school years. I was afraid I could not homeschool high school.  Well, I have a 9th grader this year and I am homeschooling high school. I want to tell you a little about it and why I chose Sonlight to homeschool my high schooler this year. I will begin by telling you that I received a free 9th grade curriculum set for my son this year in exchange for this post. However, that will not influence my thoughts in this post.

Why We Chose Sonlight to Homeschool High School

The high school years are important. They “matter” as far as transcripts and records go. It’s an important time in a student’s school years. When I was researching and deciding what to use for my son, I wanted something a bit more rigorous that could push him and highlight his strengths. But I also wanted something that he could use to work mostly independently. The Sonlight curriculum had both of those important elements. It is also literature-based which was important to us. We have always focused on learning through literature  and great books in our home.

sonlight homeschool curriculum for high school

Sonlight is a curriculum I trust. It is a curriculum I know is well-researched, tried and tested through the years, and respected. I have always wanted to their curriculum, but this is the first year I have actually tried it out.  Although, I have used their book lists for many years for my kids. If you have not seen their amazing lists of books, you should definitely check it out!

I have found it to be a perfect fit for my son this year. He is excited to do the reading assignments, and is loving his school year so far.

What I love about it is that it is all mapped out for him. He can do it completely independently. All of the planning is done and he can open it up and follow the schedule for the week. This was exactly what I needed. It took all of the fear out of homeschooling a high schooler.

What Was Included in the 9th Grade Sonlight Package

The full Sonlight package includes history, Bible, literature as well as Apologia Science and Math-U-See. You can purchase their pre-built package or customize your own. The science (biology) came with a dissection kit, too!  It comes with two giant binders. There is one for the teacher materials and one for the student materials. There were two giant boxes on our doorstep full of supplies.

This curriculum is definitely a Christian curriculum. If you do not want the religion portion, you can purchase parts of the courses.

sonlight boxes

What My High Schooler is Saying about Sonlight

“I really like it.  It is easy to follow and very straight forward.  I like that there is no busy work included.  I feel like I can really focus on the important stuff.  I am learning more in less time.  I have really learned a lot the past few weeks since starting.

The literature books I am reading have been great. I am really enjoying them.  The books are all books that I have heard about and been really interested in reading, so it is great to have them in my curriculum this year.  I like the discussion questions included with the books.  They get me thinking and help me dig deeper in my understanding.”

As a Mom, I am trying to read all of his books right behind him so we can discuss and learn together! I always love to expand my learning, too!

If you are looking to homeschool a high school this year, take some time to look through this set. I am seriously so pleased with our experience with Sonlight so far. I wish I would have jumped in and tried it out sooner! It is perfect for my high schooler.


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