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Printable Math Addition Wheels

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Did you see my Multiplication Wheels a few weeks ago? I had a few requests for addition wheels, too. So, today I have this resource completed for you guys!

Addition wheels are such a fun way to teach and practice addition facts in your classroom or homeschool. Finding creative ways to practice and teach math is something I always strive to do for my kids. I think it makes such a big difference in how they feel about math!

Addition Wheels

These addition wheels cover simple addition problems from 0-12.  Also included in this printable set is a one-page printable set of wheels with addition problems from 1-12. This is way more fun than your typical math addition worksheets!

How to Use the Addition Wheels

To use the addition wheels, print them out and laminate them if you want to make them re-usable. I like to print them on colored card stock paper. Colors just make everything more fun! Laminating is not required, but it’s our favorite way to use them! We also attached all of ours together with a metal ring.

addition worksheets

The kids will then add the number in the middle circle of the wheel to each of the numbers around the wheel. Write the answers in the outer sections around the wheel. If you have laminated them, the answers can be written with a dry erase marker or wet erase marker and wiped off when finished.

math addition activity

Buy Them Now!

This printable pack is a pdf file and is available for purchase in my shop. Your whole class will enjoy learning math in this fun way!


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