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Printable Addition Bingo Game

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I made another math game to share with you this week! It is called Addition Bingo. I have a printable version to share with you, too. This game is a fun way to practice math facts with your students or kids.

Printable Addition Bingo Game

Why We Love Math Games:

Math can be a difficult and frustrating subject for kids to learn. We have had many a child crying over math. I used to cry over math all the time, too!

So, when I started homeschooling my kids I realized I could change that. I could make math fun, engaging, hands-on, and interesting. I have worked hard over the years to provide opportunities to play math.  This has helped make math more memorable which then helps kids remember it more.

This Addition Bingo game is just one more way too can make math more meaningful. Add it to your lessons or math center.

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More about this Addition Bingo game, though!

How to Play the Addition Bingo Game:

We all know how to play Bingo, right? This math bingo game has an educational spin on it and helps kids to practice their addition facts.

To play this Addition Bingo game, begin by printing the FREE Printable Addition Bingo Game Here.  It includes a blank bingo card and numbered bingo chips.

Optional: Laminate the bingo card to make it re-usable & durable.

You will need two players to play this bingo game. It’s a little different than normal Bingo, because the players are sharing one board.

Start by choosing a predetermined number that you want you row to add up to.  This number can vary based on ages and abilities of the children playing.

Numbers can be written right on the game board, or you can use the printable number circles included in the PDF. In the printable I have number chips from 1-15  in 2 colors that you can print out. If you choose to print them, you will want a few copies of the number chips page so players can re-use numbers. Cut out the numbers and put them into a bowl.

Each player will take turns closing their eyes and choosing a number to place or write onto the board. Like your traditional bingo game, there is a free space in the middle that does not need to be filled.

The first person to get the final number in a row that adds up to the pre-chosen number is the winner. Now play black-out and see who wins the most rows.

You can use this with your entire class by pairing up your students and letting kids take turns being the caller.

Try using the bingo cards a few different fun ways: 
Play the game individually instead of in pairs.

Write addition problems on the bingo game cards, and use calling cards or number chips as the answers to the equations.

Or, create specific equation cards and write the answers onto the game board.

The blank game board allows you to use it a few different ways and tailor it to your learners.

Print your Free Addition Bingo Game Now!

Have fun playing math!

Also be sure to grab my Printable Addition Charts!

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