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Count to 100 Maze Printable

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If you have young children or students learning to count to 100, then I have a fun activity for you!  I made a printable count to 100 maze for you to download and print. This would be a fun and easy thing to add to your lesson plans. This maze is a great way to practice counting skills for first graders on up!

Count to 100 Maze for Kids

I have a confession. I saw this idea on the back of my kids’ cereal box. My kids were doing a little maze as they ate their breakfast in the morning. I thought is was so much fun, that I decided to recreate my own version.

Count to 100 Maze

This free printable maze is a fun way to practice counting and number recognition.  It has some little tricks along the way as you work your way through. You can move up, down left, right or diagonally. I had my kids give it a try, and it is a little bit challenging, but also entertaining.

Counting to 100 is an important math skill kids need to learn!  Why not practice it in an engaging way? Kids learn counting skills gradually from a young age. Preschoolers are learning counting and number recognition.

Most kids around age 5 can count to one hundred, but may not quite be able to read them all the way to 100.  Exposing kids to different types of counting activities is important to help them develop this skill!

This count to 100 maze may be good for kids starting in kindergarten age, but since it is a little more challenging, it may be better for 1st grade, 2nd grade, 3rd grade or even older! My son is in 6th grade this year and even he enjoyed it.

Want to give it a go in your classroom?  You can download this pdf file for free here!



More Counting to 100 Printables & Activities:

I have so many fun math worksheets, games and math activities son my site.  Here are a few that may help you with your planning. They can be used in lessons or in math centers.

Hundred Chart Puzzle with Printable– this is a hundred chart with numbers 1-100 that you can cut apart and have kids reassemble like a puzzle. It also includes blank hundreds charts. These number charts can be used to teach so many different math skills such as skip counting, odd numbers and even numbers, number patterns and number sequences.

Fill in the Blank Hundred Charts – These charts have missing numbers for kids to fill in. There are 21 different styles for varying levels of difficulty. These are great for extra practice when learning numbers 1-100.

Hundred Chart Learning Ideas– has different ways to use the 1-100 charts for teaching and learning with kids.

Hundred Chart Battleship is a fun game for little learners to help them practice their counting skills!

Place Value Flip Chart– a fun, hands-on way to teach kids about place value!

hundred counting board

There are so many fun Hundred Counting Boards on Amazon. We used these a lot when my children were younger.


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