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Hundred Chart Learning Ideas

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Hundred charts offer so many valuable learning ideas! I want to share with you a BUNCH of fun and simple hundred chart learning ideas and resources for teaching your kids. You can use these charts for teaching many different ability levels. Following are my favorite ways to put the 100 chart to good use.

Hundred Chart Learning Ideas from Teach Beside Me

What is a hundred chart?  

A Hundred Chart  is a number chart or grid with 100 numbered squares in rows of ten. They are used as a learning tool all over the world to help children learn to count to 100. They are also wonderful to use when teaching skip counting, odd numbers and even numbers, number sense, number recognition, and  multiplication. A hundred chart can be used to help kids with all kind of math activities.

This video shows how I teach my kids to count to 100 by 10’s.

1. Learn to count with a hundred chart. My first grader loves to pull our out to practice!

counting to 100

2. Use small toys, food (cheerios, m&m’s, etc), or a dot marker to count on a hundred chart.

3. Try my Fill in Blank hundreds charts.

4. Make a hundred chart puzzle – Use my free printable hundreds charts download as a worksheet or a game!

5. Practice addition, subtraction or multiplication on a hundred chart.

6. Learn even numbers and odd numbers on a hundred chart.

7. Do hundred chart mystery picture coloring pages

8. Practice counting by 2’s, 5’s, or 10’s on a hundred chart

9. Play Race to 100 with dice- This is great for pairs of students. Print out a chart for each person playing and take turn rolling dice. Cross off the squares as you roll the numbers. The first to 100 is the winner!

hundred chart math

10. Use math cubes and a hundred chart to count to 100

11. Play Hundred Chart Battleship <<<<—-Find a FREE copy in this post.

12. Find Number Patterns using a hundred board.
Here is a fun Free printable hundred patterns book from Buggy & Buddy

13. Make a life size hundred chart with this printable, draw it with sidewalk chalk outside, or make one on a shower curtain with tape.

14. Count with money on a hundred chart. Count by pennies, dimes, nickels, or quarters.

15. Number 100 things and hide them (Hershey’s kisses, post-it notes, or anything else small). Have the kids find them and fill up the hundred chart.


16. Make a sticky Hundred Chart (love this idea from Coffee Cups and Crayons!)

17. Love this free number find game from the Lesson Plan Diva!

18. Fill in the blanks hundred charts- print out some partially filled in charts and have the kids find the missing numbers. Create your own with this site.

19. Make a t square cut-out for a hundred chart to practice adding 1 or 10 and subtracting 1 or 10.

20. Practice math problems by coloring multiples of certain numbers.

21. Play How Many to 100? players take turns picking a number and the other person has to say how many more it will take to add to 100.

22. Learn to round to the nearest 10. Choose a number, have the child find it and round to the nearest 10.

23. Try this interactive hundred chart from ABCya.com.

24. Another interactive hundred chart game from Soft Schools.

25. Play Plus 10 -starting at any number see if your child can add 10 to it using the hundred chart as a guide.

26. Create your own dry erase hundred chart poster with a fun idea from Boy Mama Teacher Mama.

27. Play What Number am I? Secretly pick a number and give clues to your child to help them guess your secret number. Clues may include (This number has 2 digits, the ones digit is less than 3, etc…)

28. Play Bingo with the hundred chart. have numbers 1-100 on cards in a container. Call out the numbers and someone gets a bingo when they have a complete row.

29. Count days with the hundred chart. Keep track of how many days in school, or use it to count down to a special day.

30. Play some Hundred Chart Learning Games on the iPad or iPhone:

apps for counting to 100

Mystery Numbers
Hundred Square
Montessori Hundred Board
Hundreds Board
Learning to Count to 100
Count to 100
Eggy Numbers to 100

Do you have any more fun hundred chart learning ideas? Share them in the comments.

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