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Candy Heart Learning Games & Printable

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Candy Hearts are so much fun at Valentine’s Day!  There are really a lot of learning activities that can be done with them.  I want to share with you today some fun candy heart learning ideas that we have been using in our school. Food always makes learning so much more fun…
valentines day learning games

Candy Heart Battleship Game:

Print a Hundred Chart for each child. (2 players)
Give them each the same number of hearts, we used 10 each.  They will need a divider to shield their board from the other player.  We set up a big book.  Let them put their hearts on their chart in any order.  Then they take turns guessing numbers to find the other player’s hearts.  If it is a miss, they put an X on their chart. The first one to clear the other board wins!  This game is great for teaching number recognition!

Want to Print My Hundred Chart Battleship Game?!

Counting and Adding With Candy Hearts:

Cut out some hearts and write numbers on them.  Have them count out the right number of hearts to match the numbers for younger kids, and make it more challenging for older kids my doing addition or subtraction with the numbers.
Graphing Candy Hearts:
I found a couple of cute printable graphs online already made and printed one out (there are tons- just Google it!).  We graphed our hearts by color on a bar graph.

Alphabet Candy Hearts:

For your young learners, have them find a letter they recognize in the word on the heart and match it up with the alphabet.  For your readers, have them put the phrases in alphabetical order.
Here is a fun one we did last year: Language Learning with Broken Hearts.  We pulled it out to use again this year.
 I also made a little Candy Heart Bingo printable.   Give them a pile of candy hearts and let them match them up on the grid by what they say.  The first one to get 4 in a row wins!  It is a great reading activity to help your kids recognize the phrases on the candy hearts- plus it is just fun!
There are 2 different boards for you.  Just right click and save if you want to use them.
Board #1
candy heart bingo valentine game
Board #2
candy heart bingo

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